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05.25.2007 The American University Washington College of Law
As the representative of the part-time students for four years on the Law School's Senate, Carole was honored by her class to carry the school flag at graduation cermonies.
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10.25.2007 Rabbi seeks shared ground for faiths and renewed Vatican-Israel ties.
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09.29.2008 New Citizens, New Voters?
Carole Kaye helps newly sworn-in Americans register to vote following their naturalization ceremony in Palm Beach.
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01.26.2010 Local doctors establish hospital in Haiti
"We felt we had to bring Haitian-Americans in on this, who knew the language, and understood the culture," said Carole Kaye.
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Party Affiliation

Palm Beach County
Democratic Party

6266 S Congress Avenue, Suite L11
Lantana, FL 33462
(561) 433-1112

Florida Democratic Party
214 South Bronough Street
Tallahassee, FL 32301
(850) 222-3411

Democratic National Committee
430 South Capitol Street SE
Washington, DC 20003
(877) 336-7200


Palm Beach County Chapters

Democracy for America

Human Rights Council

Progressive Democrats for America

United Haitian American Democratic Club

“I know Carole Kaye to have great personal integrity and a passion for serving others. Carole has a long record of being relentless in the pursuit of justice and being a voice for those rarely heard in Tallahassee. Carole is the kind of reform-minded person our state so desperately needs in public office!”

Robert P. Watson, Ph.D.

Lynn University    

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I am part of the generation that zealously advocated for a woman’s right to choose. In the workplace, I led women in their ongoing struggle for pay parity and career advancement.

Twenty-five years after graduating from college with a teaching degree, I returned to school and became an attormey with the skills and abilities to level the playing field for those without a voice. As an immigration attorney, my greatest responsibility is protecting the due process rights of my clients as guaranteed by the United States Constitution.

As a child, I experienced discrimination in the form of anti-Semitism. As every minority knows, the pain of being excluded or marginalized due to race, religion or sexuality is a memory that remains, no matter how short lived the experience. I have therefore always been passionate about issues of social justice.

As your elected Representative in the Florida State House, I will continue my activism on your behalf, my neighbors. I am the only candidate who actually lives in District 86. We share a backyard. You can count on my viligence in safeguarding your rights and working to improve the quality of all our lives.


Carole Penny Kaye

Human Rights


Human Rights

It was President Franklin D. Roosevelt who in 1941 gave voice to the international human rights cause. In his Four Freedoms speech, he called for a world founded upon four essential human freedoms: freedom of speech and expression, freedom of every person to worship God in his own way, freedom from want and freedom from fear. The above principles are foundational in my personal and professional life. Respect for the dignity of us all was the reason I entered this race and will be the reason I will effectively serve my constituents.





Ever since Carole was a child, she wanted to be a teacher. “Early on, I recognized that education is the key to success in life and I vividly remember the teachers who made a significant impact on mine. When I was only eleven years old, I experienced anti-Semitism and bullying based on the fact that I was one of only five Jewish kids in the entire 6th grade. My teacher was caring and patient, helping resolve my emotional trauma. Teaching is the most difficult and most important job one can undertake.

A classroom must be an exciting, safe and nurturing place where students are free to question, discuss and master specific skills. It is the teacher who creates the ‘magic’.”

Carole was the President of the Future Teachers of America Club in High School and went to a teacher’s college, Lesley, in Cambridge Massachusetts. She transferred to NYU after her sophomore year and her first job was teaching second grade in Harlem. “It was 1968 and when the teachers strike occurred, our lives and jobs were threatened should one cross the picket line. I obviously sided with the union. Shortly after, I was hired to teach pre-K at the Henry Street Settlement House.”

Our Economy


Florida’s Economy and Environment

Never before have these issues overlapped so visably since BP’s gusher in the Gulf. As a state that has long relied on the tourist industry for revenue, we are suddenly facing the very real threat of oil on our shores and pollution in our waters for years to come.

As the Sunshine State, we must immediately live up to our motto by hastening the development of alternative and renewable sources of energy.

The necessity for fast tracking the green economy will be an impetus for job creation in our state. Energy independence is an issue of national security and Florida must play a leadership role in overcoming that dependence by attracting innovators in industry through incentives on Research and Development in solar and wind technologies.

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